Thursday, November 03, 2005

Welcome to early summer everyone

Yes the sunny days are here again!! We have certainly had a taste of some fine weather and as the days get slowly longer the tan line under the lycra will become more pronounced.. Oh yay for that.

This ramble starts with a look to the northern hemisphere which is falling "good pun" into winter mode … the end of the European summer cycling season finalises with the world champs for MTbikes and Road bikes, the big buzz at the MTBike worlds was the preview to the 06 Rotorua event !! bring it on.. No rainbow jerseys for the Kiwi contingent this year some great racing and im sure we will have some advantage on home turf next year. The roadie worlds Wow that was some collection of riders, NZ’s top male rider Julian Dean put on an impressive end of season ride to make the top ten with a ninth placing, pretty impressive!!
These competitions are the pinnacle for our competitive cyclists and even competing for NZ is a worthy highlight for many riders…congratulations to all the NZ representatives..

Europe. but wait I havnt finished ‘the most dominant athlete on earth’ yip that’s what Playboy magazine called Lance Armstrong now that’s a title I believe he deserves !! the worlds toughest sport and almost a decade of dominance, here’s the link to the article hope you enjoy like I did ..

On the home front now, our own Road Nationals where recently completed in Ashurst just north of Palmerston North, tough weather coupled with equally tough courses made for some serious grovelling!! Jville.Cycles had a few riders there representing there centre..In road cycling you represent your area or club… So congratulations to our supported riders…and again for you up and coming riders this is the biggest local road event of the year and a step towards competing for your country..
for results check out …

On the local Dirt scene the PNP series has been another great success with 200 + riders at all events so far again Jville.cycles has been well represented and our shop shirts are extremely obvious by there number. Check out the PNP website for more info and links to pics.
Then there is the Tour De Peak Wellingtons annual Makara park challenge…the boys and girls are training for this one already!!

PNP have also started there summer Track season with last Tuesday the first nights racing Sunday afternoons again fro training with bikes available for anyone to ride…if you want to learn more about track racing Sundays is worth going along too, remember marshals and timekeepers are always in demand helping out is a great way to learn the mechanics of track racing. Again any young riders who want more speed and experience this is a great discipline to learn!!
Well the big buzz in the store currently is the annual round taupo event coming up in late November. This event never fails to amaze me it brings people out of there non cycling lives and into our world of pedals, lycra and suffering oops I mean funn!!.
Their excitement, enthusiasm and passion is very admirable! We have riders doing everything from 1 leg of the relay all the way to 3 laps wahoo then there the teams of riders, our biggest group is 35 strong!! With matching outfits as well…Id like to wish them all well and may the day be a great one for all of you…a quick reminder if you are going to get your bike serviced prior.. Please don’t wait till the last week!!

Also in store is the new models for 06 arriving!! And oh boy is there some nice bikes and wheels coming in…of the new stuff Im liking the new Diamondback full carbon-fibre road bike!! come in and check it out and the price WOW!! You will be impressed..
Other new products worth checking out:

PVM protein bars...$4.50 Blair rates these!!
New big squeeze from Leppin great value !!
New 06 Rock Shox first models in store now..
Last call to for 05 Bike specials!! The very last!!
Ok this is a quikkee and I will get back here soon…remember too... now that summers here.......wednesday nite rides...and Saturday afternoons…ring the shop for details..
PS…Rider safety!! Be Bright.. Be Seen…Be safe..