Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nearly spring time in Aoteoroa

Hiya there everybody, welcome to Mid August …slight delay last week to get this up !! The potential of spring/summer has already shown itself…oh yay!! Did I say Daffodils!! Wahoooo I do love springtime…new bikes…fertility and bike-rides without thermals!! Well soon anyway

July has been and gone…a special thanks to Sky TV for live Le Tour coverage… I know some seriously tired people!! Well - without much an issue Lance Armstrong and his Discovery team dominated Le Tour as we kinda expected!! His team the "Disco boyz" later to be known as the fearsome five-some, ripped the tour apart day after day!! And like many cyclists of the peloton and greater world I am looking forward to 06 as Lance strings guitars for his partner Sheryl Crowe and Le Tour is wide open….

Did I mention what a tour it was!! Breakaways…breakaways! Don’t ya love them!! I can only imagine the emotions of being away from the bunch for most of the day and get caught in the last few k’s or metres even!! what a great race it was!!….

Jville.cycles have had several customers who have been away to be part of Le Tour packages and eagerly look forward to hearing their stories ….

Now Yellow jerseys!! Lance now holds second place in the all time number of yellow jerseys!! Not only does he leave cycling with new records 7 wins….cycling has certainly benefited from the Americanisation of the once European dominated sport!!...

Meanwhile life continues yer right!! On the world scene…there has been heaps of racing with kiwis doing well and keeping the flag flying, I’ve been following Sarah Ulmers progress as a roadie!! Wow what a talent she is and still very aggressive in the heat of racing…

The 05 BMX worlds was held in France last weekend of July….yip thousands of BMXers from around the globe doing there thing, with BMX making the 08 Olympics there is much interest in our potential future cycling stars progressing thru the ranks…My star of the show Trent "the boss" Woodcock, Trent won the 12 yr boys class!! Marc Willers made the final for the elite men!! Now that is classy he finished 6th wahoooo Mark is potentially a NZ rep at the next Olympics .

In the woman’s divisions Sarah Walker made two finals…6th in the under 18 cruiser and an amazing 2nd in the 18 and 20inch class final !!! to round out the great NZ results Scott Hoskings finished 2nd in the 16yr boys class, another future star for NZ for more info http://www.bmxmania.com/uciworlds05.htm

Local scene….spring seems to be getting everyone excited!!
PnP have started there Saturday morning road races!! Great attendances….get out there if you haven’t tried one of these races, a great way to see the regions best roads and meet the locals..

With lots of riders back on there bikes and spring and summer events in mind, training rides are in full swing as well and while the mornings are still quite cold a few warm winter sunny days has the roads full of cyclists!!

On the MTBiking scene you locals need to be getting ya bikes ready for the upcoming PNP series…we will see you there!!

Up country the Rotorua N-Duro series is up to rnd 3 and again lots of Welly peoples making the trip to Vegas for a weekend of cycling and Vegas fun!!

Of course..Round Taupo..and the annual 12 hour Day night thriller are enticing riders to get training and organised for these wonderful events…

Shop stuff….
Safety Vests!! while its getting past the depths of winter we do recommend these glow in the dark cycle accessories …yes something to be seen with….we have some new ones in store with battery powered light strip on them!! Great for being obvious and not for you stealth riders!!
Last of the 05 bikes..as mentioned in the last newsletter… the last of the 05 bikes have been going out at some very good prices the first 06 bikes are already here and it wont be long before the new colors and stock brighten the premise…be quick if you are interested…limited sizes and options apply…

Fruity bits that have arrived recently
Bontrager Vibration dampers…for you roadies!! Really quite a cool thing for the rider who needs more toys…
Bontrager… Carbon spacers, ahead-set compatible and LIGHT!!!!
Nite lites…Topeak have been supplying some phat technology to cycle lights if you are doing a regular commute or want to get into nite riding, these babies rock!!
Stans Goo..if you don’t know what it is come in and chat to the guys ..this product is inserted inside your tubes and self heals flats…great for Welly riders who get regular thorn punctures…while in that mode we also have self healing road tubes…same deal, a little more weight however for training on its all good, getting home without flats isn’t a bad look…
And Bloc eyewear in store now this UK based company has supplied us with a great new cycling glass comes with 3 lenses…and all for $99…come in and check’m out

So while you are all considering, the above we are busy with new bike and accessories displays … Diamondback, Jamis, Rock shox and Bauer to name a few have got there pre production models travelling the country for us to see….ok its not quite like the Avanti show who fly all there dealers to fiji to see the new products…if ya want to know more you will have to ask J
be well…stay safe and see you either in store or at the races soon…

Freddy, Francis and Blair…