Tuesday, July 27, 2004

July Newsletter

Bonjour Peddlers

Well July has brought Le Tour to our minds, spirits and late night TV
screens again!! It will be good to return shortly to normal sleep
patterns?One of our fabulous customers has copied the sky footage onto DVD
so if you are keen to watch some!! Call the by shop? Congratulations to
Julian Dean he did a great job supporting his CSC team mate Thor Hushovd's
quest for green jersey glory!! Lance "Big Tex" Armstrong did the business
again in securing a record sixth win?hopefully he will stay home next year
and let someone else win the worlds greatest cycling race?..Richard
Virenque looks like he has also made records with his 7th Polka dot
jersey. Meanwhile the drug addled Aussies will be most happy with Robbie
McEwens Green jersey win I suppose we could say he is Australasian and
claim it as our win too?It has been another great tour!!
It's sure is an outstanding month for two wheeled sporting action. Sky
sport has had plenty of MX and Moto GP being shown as well. Ben Townley's
dominance in MX2 has been inspiring for us old dirt bike fiends!! So the
Kiwis have plenty to be enthusiastic about on two wheeled performances.

The Olympics are looming quickly and there is the potential for medals in
a couple of disciplines!! Go the Kiwis. Sarah Ulmer should really get
gold YAY!! And the other trackies are riding well, Wellingtons Robyn Wong
is getting to ride the MTB race "Go Robyn" and to all the other
competitors!!! Go Kiwi?.

This should get you all motivated to get some pedalling happening. For
those of you keen on pre-round Taupo action we have entry forms for the
200k event in the Coromandel (sportzhub.com/arc) and the vets Lake
Wairarapa Cycle challenge (www.wvcc.org.nz).
Off road events have gone from a famine to a feast with the PNP club
offering a 5 race series (www.capitalcycling.org.nz/mtb), n-zo N-DURO series (www.n-duro.co.nz), Taupo Day/night Thriller (www.eventpromotions.co.nz).

It's indenting time again!! Once again the Jamis importer has offered
substantial savings for indented bikes (up to 20%). We have the 2005 range
spec's and pictures available in a folder for your perusal. Upgrades to
the 2004 range include 2 new road bikes with full carbon frames and forks,
Ultegra and Durace 20 speed groupsets and Mavic Ksyrium wheelsets,
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Easton bars, stem,
seatpost, etc. There is a new very sharply priced ($2899 or $2329
indented) 5" travel Dakar XLT with Fox suspension and hydraulic discs!!.
This will be the best priced and spec'd value for money trail bike we have
ever had in the shop!. Cromoly continues to be a Jamis trademark with
three road and three mountain bikes on offer. The Eclipse road bike (853
Reynolds) will come with carbon inserts in the seat stays top tube and
seat tube,Ksyrium wheels and a Campagnolo groupset. The Dragon MTB (853
Reynolds) once again with full XTR and Mavic XMax SL tubeless wheelset.

We have been able to buy a few left over '04 Jamis bikes at indent prices

Dragon MTB 19" (XTR, Fox fork, XMax SL tubeless) $5499 (was $6999)
Comet road 55cm (Ultegra, Ksyrium wheels, carbon fork and seat stays) $3499 (was $4399)
Nova Cyclocross 55cm 631 Reynolds Cromo frame (105, carbon fork Avid brakes) $1799 (was$2399)
Exile 19" MTB 520 Reynolds cromo frame (Manitou fork, Avid cable discs) $1439 (was
Dakar XC Comp. full susp, Fox shock, Manitou Black fork Avid Discs, XT comps $2399 (was
Dakar XLT 2; 5"travel Manitou 2 SPV fork & shock, Avid Juicy discs, Eggbeater pedals,
Holzefeler cranks. $3999 (was $4999)
Dakar XLT 1; 5" travel Manitou 1 SPV fork and shock, hydraulic discs, Hussefelt
cranks, $2899 (was $3699)

Track building! We are keen to get this activity happening in the J'ville
area. Let me know if you have any ideas, locations etc.

Those of you who have been in the shop recently will have heard me ranting
(more so than usual) about the advantage of tubeless wheels, kits and
tyres. We have a set of Mavic XRoc disc wheels on special at the moment
(were $899 now $699). We also have a pair of Mavic XLink disc wheels (were
$999 now $499 including tubeless kits)
Tubeless (not tubulars) road wheels were shown at the Taiwan cycle show
recently. These promise all the benefits of the MTB version none the least
of which is the saving on tube purchases.

New items in the pipeline include updated LX and Ultegra groupsets from
Shimano. LX receives the new style crank/BB similar to XT/XTR/Durace and
new derailleurs shifters etc. It looks to offer many of the features of
XT/XTR at lower prices. There is a new MTB groupset called Hone (should
have been Hoen!!) which slots in between the Saint (Freeride/dirtjump) and
XT/LX groupsets. This appears to be targeting the rider who wants more
durable components but doesn't want the weight penalty and cost of the
Saint option. Ultegra goes to twenty speed with the Durace style cranks,
derailleurs etc.

Customer discounts?Remember at J'Ville cycles all Wellington cycling club
(Vets, PNP, Victoria, Hutt Valley, Wgtn MTB,) members are entitled to a
10% discount with any purchases?

Cheers for now
The J'ville Crew