Friday, May 30, 2003

Seasons greetings everyone. This year seems to have flashed by faster than ever. After a bit of a riding hiatus over the winter I have been getting out quite regularly for the last month. Finally checked out the top section of Leaping Lizard and rode Nikau in the dry for the first time. Both are excellent as are the modifications to Ridgeline. The Tour de Peak MTB race (Dec 2nd) was an absolute cracker with Craig Starnes emerging as the victor after only 2hrs 3mins of riding time. He had put in quite a bit of time sussing out the optimum way to connect the tracks and this made a significant difference. The race took in all the tracks at Makara peak in whatever order you feel is the most time efficient. This was a real test of MTB skills as all the tracks are singletrack. The a two person relay race in the morning called the Creek to Peak was won by a Jville Cycles riders Jeff Lyall and Jason McCarty. Great effort guys. The course went from the carpark on South Karori Rd. to the top of the park mostly on single track and back down again. These events were held as a fundraising exercise for the park.

Our trip to the Motu to check out the Pakihi track (33 Kms of downhill singletrack) was awesome despite the wet weather. For anyone interested in doing the ride I can put you onto a person who will shuttle you to the start of the ride and pick you up at the end. This saves you a long ride out at the end. The unspoiled original native bush is well worth experiencing. The new tracks at Rotorua are a good addition and actually feature some hills well almost hills. Speaking of hills the recent rain has had a great effect on Deliverance making it a lot more challenging.!!

New 2002 product continues to land daily. I have had several good rides on the new Fox forx fitted to my Foes FXC trailbike. Outstanding stiffness and great damping make this one of the best forks I’ve tried. (Not that I’ve tried that many). There are so many options in trick forks at the moment. I’ve also been trialing a new Look strait carbon fork on my road bike. The previous fork ( curved Time) was awesome and I thought it would be hard to beat in terms of resilience. This has not been the case at all and I suspect that my frame was designed for the Look Rake and trail angles rather than the Time. I can now descend the other side of Makara hill with more control and confidence.

Speaking of descending, I have seen an email from the daughter of a woman who was knocked off her bike by an as yet to be identified rider competing in the Rice Mountain Classic Road race recently. Whilst I am unaware of all the details it appears that the offending rider in this incident was nowhere near the front, abusive, and eventually corralled the women down an eight metre bank where she broke her arm. Words fail me at the mentality of this type of behaviour. What was he trying to prove.? Its no wonder that we see road races cancelled due to lack of entries whilst events like the Karapoti Classic, Rainbow Rage, and Taupo day night thriller attract thousands of entries. NZMBA National MTB Champs entry forms avail at the shop.

Taupo fever was higher than ever this year with record entries (6700 I believe). I am always amazed at the motivating effect this event has at getting bums on bikes. Congratulations to all of you who made it round and especially those who managed to beat personal time goals. Most of you will probably have heard about Andy being taken out round the lake at 50 odd k’s. Much skin loss, flying upside down above head height (didn’t want bike to get scratched) and a broken collar bone later!!!! Ouch!!!! Our commiserations Andy, hope the wounds heal quickly.

New bikes continue to land weekly. Giant Scott and Diamondback have all had new 2002 med spec models recently hit the shores. BMX: freestyle and jump, as well as MTB jump style bikes are currently going through big growth. We seem to have a set of broken forks being brought into the shop on an almost weekly basis of late.!!! Blair’s been checking out some of the local BMX and jump scene action and reports there are some insanely high aeriels going on. He’s also built up a couple of trick freestyle/jump bikes (Sunn and Morales) Heavy but!!!. Not to mention the 24" Nyquist!!

Have a great Xmas/new year, ride heaps??
(((Francis))) & Blair


Hi everyone More news from the team at J'ville. Hot off the press is the awesome performance of our vets (Jeff Lyall, Rob Scott, Peter Reynolds [PFC ring-in], Robbie Carpenter, Paul Kennett) and women's (Wendy Osborne, Alison Gaudaur, Catherine Dunn, Jo Neeson, Anne Mahoney) teams at the Dirty Dog day/night Thriller 12 hour race in Taupo. Both teams ran like clockwork all race long winning their respective classes. This is an outstanding feat considering they covered 540 kilometres without any mechanical dramas or punctures beating some of NZ's finest MTB racers (over 400 teams in total) along the way. A huge congratulations to all of you. Wellington teams dominated the event with many podium placing's.

There have been a plethora of road events lately as part of the buildup for the annual round Taupo ride (this year there is actually a race option). Results can be found on the net. J'ville Cycles sponsored a short time trial run by the Wgtn Vets road club which went from Makara Beach to Johnsonville. This was well attended and looks like it will become an annual event. Thanks to Tony Gavin for the effort he put into organising this race. Those of you who want your bikes serviced before the round Taupo ride please don't leave it to the last minute.

New product we have been shown lately: 2002 model Specialized shoes and other Body Geometry lines. The shoes feature a raised section in the middle of the sole to help spread the bones in your foot thus enhancing blood flow. There are road as well as MTB variants priced from @ $170. Other new shoes we have seen recently include Scott and Sidi. Both have a range of road & MTB styles and are well priced. Silver seems to be de rigeur in fashionable shoe colours this season.

Saddles are once again going through a development phase with many new varieties on offer. Selle Royale and Selle Success both have ranges of saddles that are reasonably slim but feature gel padding and elastomer suspension systems for extra bump absorption.

Fox Forks have finally hit the shores and are every bit as fruity as expected. There are two ranges: Float (air) and Vanilla (spring). Each range is available in three varieties; Float or Vanilla R (rebound adjustable), Float or Van RL (rebound adj and lockout) and Float or Van RLC (rebound lockout and compression adj). We have the top of the range Float RLC in the shop if you want to check these forks out. At this stage there are only single clamp forks on offer however I am told they are working on a dual clamp DH fork as well. Given the awesome damping characteristics of Fox rear shocks I expect their range of forks will perform equally as well.

Michelin have appointed a second importer for NZ which has broadened their range and made their prices a little sharper. For those of you looking for a more robust and less puncture prone road tyre both Specialized and Continental have options with stronger sidewalls. Continental also have a special deal on their Vertical Pro 2.3 MTB XC tyre. These are great value at @$49.

Given the recent world political events I thought I might finish with the following. It was written by a Columbine High school student after the massacre:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways but narrower viewpoints, we spend more but have less, we buy more but enjoy it less.

We have bigger houses but smaller families, more conveniences but less time, we have more degrees but less sense more knowledge but less judgement, more experts but more problems, more medication but less wellness. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living but not a life, added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbour. We've conquered outer space but not inner space, we've cleaned up the air but polluted the soul, we've split the atom but not our prejudice. We have higher incomes but lower morals, we've become long on quantity but short on quality. These are times of tall men and short character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the times of world peace but domestic warefare, more leisure but less fun, more kinds of food but less nutrition. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, of fancier houses but broken homes. It is a time when there is much in the shop window and nothing in the stockroom a time when technology can bring this letter to you and a time when you can choose to either make a difference or delete it.

So long for now (((Francis)))


Howzit going everyone
Time for yet another rant from J'ville Cycles. Taupo training is fully underway again with numerous road riders being seen out and about. For those of you considering purchasing a road bike there are some cracker new bikes on the scene, which represent excellent value for money. The Vision importer has a range of entry level road bikes starting at $799 for the most basic with a steel frame and downtube mounted shifters a $999 model with Sora STI shifters and a CrMo steel frame and an $1199 model with Sora STI shifters and an alloy frame. The frames are similar to the Giant OCR range with quite a sloping top tube. The Scorpio importer has a new lineup due shortly with models spec'd with Sora, Tiagra, 105 and Ultegra components at very sharp prices.

There are the usual plethora of pre Taupo road events coming up: a 220 km road night event in the Manawatu/Wairarapa (16/9), Martinborough (28/10) fun rides, Tour of the Bay (Hawkes Bay that is)(14/10) and the round Mt. Taranaki road race. I believe the road nationals are also being held in Taranaki soon. The Wellington vets club are having a road time trial from Makara beach to Johnsonville (9/9). We are sponsoring this TT which will have trophies for the fastest men and women. I believe the idea is to make this an annual event. I expect to see plenty of J'ville Cycles riders at this one!!. The Hutt Valley Multisport club are having a Wellington Multisport champs on the 30/9 around the Paremata area. We have entry forms for most of these events at the shop however they can also be downloaded off the net. I have the relevant web addresses at the shop if you require them. For those of you who are more into fat tyres there is a cool Fat Tyre festival happening in Nelson on Labour weekend (22/10) with three days of fun events including some of the best trail rides in the area. The last round of the KOF series at Hidden Valley (behind Totara Park)is on the 16/9, and finally don't forget the Taupo day/night thriller teams race on the 13/10. So far we have a vets and a shop team for this event. We almost have enough women riders to put together an all women's team. Please let me know ASAP if you are keen to be part of a team for this one. National MTB race dates are out (5XC &4DH rounds). This year Karapoti is part of the series. Should be a good series with rounds at Nelson, Wanaka, Napier, Wellington and Rotorua

Whilst I am far from being an expert in the field of event organisation it is interesting to note the strange attitudes of race organisers towards the participants at race events. We have had an increasing number of racers recently boycotting events due to the off hand and rude treatment they have received from event organisers. I would have thought it was in the best interests of the race promoters to have a polite and civil attitude towards the participants at races. This would ensure that future events continue to attract competitors. Obviously some race promoters have a different attitude. Perhaps this is a significant factor in the declining numbers of competitive riders?. I'm told the Rotorua Moonride has been cancelled because it is deemed to be unprofitable!!. It appears as though people are increasingly only motivated to organise events in order to achieve financial gain. Kudos to those who are motivated by the fun and enjoyment aspect of competition.

Speaking of fun the Queen Charlotte MTB ride we organised in July was a resounding (no pun intended) success despite it occurring on a weekend with appallingly stormy Southerly conditions. Whist it was cool we had no rain, minimal wind and everyone had a great time. We are planning a North Island MTB fun long weekend Sat/Sun/Mon which will take in the Rotorua MTB trails and the Pakihi track near Opotiki. For those of you who don't have the Kennett's book: Classic NZ MTB rides the Pakihi track is a 27 km downhill described as 100% semi rideable singletrack (similar to Deliverance). It is grade 5 (hard) and takes 4-6 hours to complete!!. Yeeha

J'ville Cycles long and short sleeve tops are back in stock. Other new product includes Wellgo elastomer MTB pedals, IRC Serac XC MTB tyres, new models of MET helmets, Michelin world championship coloured road tyres and a cool Trek camelbak system. Fox, Rockshox and Manitou will all have new 2002 model forks available shortly all loaded with new features. That's it for now. Catch ya soon (((Francis)))


There are some interesting new sites out there at the moment. Is an effort to try and keep track of the Kiwi riders racing in Europe and the States. There must be close to ten of them over there by now. Is a Swiss based site that will allow you to spy on the Kiwi's form, click on the links to the Swiss Cup. Also over there at the moment are Andy Reid and Tim Vincent, and ocasionally Kashi. is a pretty good starting point for the US stuff as well. Kashi's site has been given the 'Dulux-recon' as well so be sure to check it out as the euro-dudes hit their straps mid season.

Hello again everyone
Winter's upon us and none to soon as far as what used to be my front lawn is concerned. Wellington's MTB trails have become so dry and hardpacked that the slightest bit of moisture on the surface renders them super slick. As a result recent excursions down Deliverance in the wet have been most adrenaline filled. Those of you who checked out the recent downhill on Tinakori will have seen how dry and hard the track was and how easily it cuts up when a few hundred downhillers blast through.

Hats off to the council for letting an event such as this take place given the usual opposition to these events. I hope the track damage doesn't deter the council from allowing more MTB events on Tinakori Hill. (A XC time trial would be ideal and have minimal impact on the terrain)
Results for this and other recent events are no doubt available on the net although they've been increasingly difficult to find lately.

|J'ville Cycles riders have been acquitting themselves well as always with good turnouts at the MTB winter series Crazyman and triathalon events. Wendy Osborne, Matt Vibert, Sam Mallard, Al McKinlay, Blair, Sam Marx, and Nigel Grenside fronted up for the first KOF winter race. A good course by all accounts. Saturn sport has been showing half hour highlight coverage of the MTB XC world cup rounds. So far there has been no footage of Kashi although he got a mention at the Belgian round in Houffaize. It never ceases to amaze me how hard those guys hammer off the line, and then continue to ride at the same pace!!. Roland Green from Canada has been going exceptionally well on a full suspension Trek bike with a Turner style linkage. All the top riders are riding bikes with forks that can be locked out.

My Foes XC 3"travel full suspension bike has this feature at both ends. Locking out the fork on climbs transfers bump energy from the front of the bike to the back helping to push the rear wheel down further into the ground improving traction considerably. With a good rear tyre I can now climb many tractionless hills I have previously had difficulties on. (Deliverance uphill anyone?) I can envisage bikes over the next few years having lockout forks and tubeless tyres as standard equipment. Both of these features will enable people to climb much steeper hills than previously as a result of improved traction.

Tubeless tyres are reputedly lower in drag than conventional tyre and tube combos especially when run at lower pressures. The theory is that with a conventional tyre and tube some of your energy is used as the tube slides around inside the tyre. This causes friction and is lost as heat. Combine the benefits of less drag better traction and no chance of impact punctures and the tubeless system is starting to sound very worthwhile. Imagine riding Karapoti with no chance of puncturing.!!

Given the extraordinary long spell of good weather we've had I 'm not surprised we have had a bit of a quiet spell in the shop now that the moist season is upon us. New winter product includes the usual array of neoprene style overbooties, arm and knee warmers and fleecy tights. I have a new below the knee length tights made by Giordana in a Roubaix style fabric. These are the nicest I have ever owned. It never ceases to amaze me how many people ride in winter without covering their knees. It is considered essential for long knee life to keep them covered at temperatures below 16 degrees. When you allow for windchill factor this would be almost every day in Wellington winter. We have a good range of longfinger gloves at the moment with a particularly sharp range of MSR off road gloves. Blair is trialing a cool or should I say warm Netti windproof vest which seems to be very effective at keeping the cold at bay.
Most of you are probably aware of the virus, which went through my computer last month and fired off random E-mails to people in my address book. No doubt you all have the appropriate virus protection software to deal with this.

We are hoping to put together several teams for the day/night thriller in Taupo. If you would like to be part of a team let me know soon so I can organise teams, entries etc. We are also hoping to do the Queen Charlotte walkway (Lynx,Water taxis & Punga Lodge Sat night/breakfast @$230) on the weekend of 21/22 July. Let me know ASAP if you're keen.
That's it for now



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