Thursday, April 10, 2003

Our riders

J'ville Cycles proudly sponsors the following riders.

Trevor Woodward
Jill Westenra
Daniel Melink
David Milne
Catherine Hayle
Jason Eady
Stewart Kuus
Simon Bartlett
Jeff Lyall
Peter Colvin
Jason McCarty
Francis Hoen
Daniel Taylor
Andy Gilbert
Michael Crowley
Sam Mallard
Jerome Sheppard
Ken Looi
Michael Jacques
Wendy Gilbert
Bruce Cook
Mark Humphreys

10 points if you can answer this question. What Jville Cycles rider said this:

"I was riding casually down the road during Day 7 of The LUT (29 Feb) when my gear suddenly slipped, leaving me going at about 25-30km/h without any control. I think my left leg hit the ground first. Next thing I knew I was lying on the ground with my foot at a funny angle and my tibia sticking out of my leg. I yanked on my foot and straightened it and stuck my bone back in the skin, at which point Jason and Tony arrived. I had Tony put traction on my foot to keep it flopping all over the place, and then we splinted it with some sticks and a wine box and some bandages."